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Wilco van Esch

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    Portrait of Wilco

    Hi, I'm Wilco.

    I help teams deliver quality at pace. My tools are context-appropriate quality engineering, Lean software development principles, and practical empathy. My other interests include strategy games, early modern history, LEGO, and metacognition.

    Find me on LinkedIn.

    My latest personal project:

    Little directory of calm

    Some of my recent articles:

    1. 3 Sept 2023
      The early modern period of European history
    2. 18 Aug 2023
      No, you shouldn't NOT use unit tests
    3. 11 Aug 2023
      How to disable spell check in Word online (Office 365)
    4. 4 Aug 2023
      Collaboration techniques in test & development
    5. 23 Jun 2023
      Getting time to add unit and integration tests retroactively
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