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Wilco van Esch

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    Portrait of Wilco

    Hi, I'm Wilco.

    I help teams deliver quality at pace. My tools are context-appropriate quality engineering, Lean software development principles, and practical empathy. My other interests include strategy games, early modern history, LEGO, and metacognition.

    Find me on LinkedIn.

    My latest personal project:

    Space Baby

    Some of my recent articles:

    1. 4 Feb 2023
      Speech recognition could not start
    2. 4 Feb 2023
      Peer dependency conflict from the rollup-plugin-terser package
    3. 16 Jan 2023
      Unable to start ssh-agent, error 1058
    4. 30 Sept 2022
      Mistakes to avoid when scaling up an engineering discipline
    5. 16 Jul 2022
      How to approach load and stress testing
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