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Wilco van Esch

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    Portrait of Wilco

    Hi, I'm Wilco.

    I make things better. My tools are context-appropriate quality management, skilled software testing, and test automation. Making decisions based on evidence is important to me. My other interests include strategy games, early modern history, LEGO, and epistemology.

    Find me on LinkedIn, Stack Overflow and Twitter.

    My latest personal project:

    Space Baby

    Some of my recent articles:

    1. 15 Mar 2021
      Error while loading shared library running Cypress in Ubuntu
    2. 12 Mar 2021
      Setting up the Cypress GUI in WSL2 Ubuntu for Windows 10
    3. 11 Mar 2021
      What is the value of end-to-end tests?
    4. 10 Mar 2021
      How much testing is enough in software testing?
    5. 6 Feb 2021
      Common mistakes when handling outages or data breaches
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