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Wilco van Esch

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    Restoring a PostgreSQL database from production in Windows

    Create a backup of a production PostgreSQL database:

    • SSH into your server (e.g. by using PuTTY).
    • Use pg_dump with the correct user and database. Example:
    • pg_dump --username "myadminuser" --format custom --blobs --verbose --file "mybackupfile.sql" "mydatabase"
    • Submit the correct password when prompted.
    • The file is created in the directory you executed pg_dump from unless you specified a path.
    • You can pick this file up via an FTP client or by using pscp from a command prompt.

    Restore the backup to a local development database:

    • Use psql with the correct user, file and database. Example:
    • psql --username "mylocaladmin" "mydatabase" << "mybackupfile.sql"