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Wilco van Esch

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    Little directory of calm

    List of links with user-friendly content

    It's 2023 and you visit a website directly without any protection. No ad blockers, content blockers, or having a website's content summarised by an LLM. This is how fun that is:

    • Wait for all the JavaScript to load and the layout to finish shifting
    • Navigate a user-hostile type of cookie notice to try and protect your data
    • Close the Would you like to receive push notifications? dialog
    • Scroll down five paragraphs until the article gets to the point
    • Try to ignore the in-article ads and auto-playing floating video ad
    • Close the you seem to be enjoying our content newsletter pop-up
    • Ignore a comment section showing the need for better mental healthcare

    The internet can be better. A lot better.

    For now, my contribution is to identify websites that aren't in an absolute state.

    View the little directory of calm