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Wilco van Esch

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    Muster Book

    Front page of Muster Book

    Muster Book was envisioned as a naval archive, listing ship crews from the earliest known data to the present.

    HMS Victory info page

    Each ship would list each member of its crew and each crew member would in turn list each ship they had served on from most recent down, similar to how IMDB (the Internet Movie DataBase) lists actors for films and films for actors.

    Horatio Nelson bio page

    The project was built using Django, the Python web framework.

    Area of project Used
    Programming language Python 3.4
    Development framework Django 1.8
    Database PostgreSQL 9.3
    Database driver Psycopg2
    Search Haystack
    Search engine ElasticSearch 1.5.2
    Contact form Envelope
    Image management easy-thumbnails, django-image-cropping
    Image library Pillow 2.7.0 (PIL)
    Improved slug field django-autoslog
    Hosting OS CentOS 6 (64-bit)
    Albert W. Grant bio page

    The screenshots show the data is incomplete. The time and cost involved in consulting multiple sources of historical archives, online and offline, to verify each fact proved to be too demanding. This, plus the time it would have taken to get the back-end and front-end to a place where I could be happy with it, ultimately made me decide to take the project offline.

    Battle of the Nile info page

    My ambition was also to add all known naval battles and skirmishes, with the most salient facts summarised for each participating vessel.

    24-pounder long gun info page

    Ships listed each of the main weapons in their armament, and main weapons listed what ships they were used on.

    Philip Gidley King bio page
    David Richards fictional bio page

    Bio pages additionally included facts and quotes, to provide colour and content, and sources.