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Wilco van Esch

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    Front page of Testigator

    Testigator is an email test management application built using the Ruby on Rails framework. Features include:

    • Run fast checklist-driven Quality Control using templates and AJAX
    • Manage your supported environments (included in checklists)
    • Run automated content verification (links, copy)
    • Run automated deliverability checks, grammar checks, spelling checks
    • View status dashboard with progress of each team member
    • View reports to identify common issues and compare across accounts
    • Add new users and manage user access levels


    I wanted to move from email checklists in Excel spreadsheets to an online repository where the checklists would require fewer manual steps, could be accessed from anywhere, and could be used for accurate reporting and easy status checks.

    This minimum viable product was launched on 4 January 2016. Since then it has been used on a daily basis and helped make comprehensive testing of high profile high turn-around email campaigns quicker to complete and easier to manage. In 1 year, it was used by 7 different testers to complete testing on a total of 517 campaigns.

    The future

    In the works for 2017 are:

    • Expand and improve the automated checks.
    • Display instant previews across supported environments.
    • Add workflow for multiple retests on the same campaign.
    • Provide the site with attractive and distinct styling.
    • Make the application available as a service.